This project started from a favorite recollection I have of my travels and vacations which is the sensation of a concrete mixture of people,scents,landscapes,noises,various sounds and movements at particular times.

I embarked upon this project in the hopes of recording this precious mixed sensation.

So, I mingled people and their reactions together with the landscapes and architecture of the buildings, all at tranquil, tender,and sometimes difficult moments.

These photographs are the result of an effort that evolved over four years.Shot on the same negative,each under calculated lighting conditions,(non automatic,analogue old camera)these images comprise a single entity on a single negative and have been accomplished throughout the device of double exposure as well as double thought.

I experimented for quite a while on the first photograph,Persephone,so that I would not be subjected to chance. Surely,the scents and sounds of a place are not conveyed in a photograph but they more easily awake memory through prints in which there coexist the images of the same intensity,narrating one another without detracting from one another.

The show took place at Astrolavos gallery in Athens on the 13 May 1999.

The silver printing was done by me in the darkroom and took too much time.There is only one print of each photo.Suitable for art collectors.

The show took place at the Astrolavos galery in Athens during May 1999.